Motorcycle safety is paramount so use body armour

Motorcycle Back Protector

Welcome to the UK's No.1 site dedicated to motorbike back/spine protectors, lumbar protection and motorcycle upper body safety wear. Our site has combined all the best offers on back protectors in to one easy-to-use website. Browse our selection of safety gear and click on the Buy Now links to visit the cheapest available stockist on the web. Whatever your protection needs, we've got your back.

Top Selling Back Protectors

A back protector covers the full length of your spine and will assist in damage prevention in the result of an accident/incident. Adjustable straps allow you to easily adjust a back protector to suit your body and will fit discreetly under a leather jacket or outer garment.

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Forcefield Pro L2 Back ProtectorFORCEFIELD Pro L2 Back Protector The FORCEFIELD Pro L2 motorcycle back protector is soft, flexible & comfortable. Moulds to body shape. Level 2 protection!

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Oxford Max Back Protector LadiesOXFORD Max Back Protector LadiesThe competitively priced motorcycle back protector from Oxford is also available in ladies size.

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Halvarssons Buckler Back ProtectorHALVARSSONS Buckler Back Protector A well padded but breathable entry from Halvarssons. Top quality product and level 2 certified for protection.

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Top Selling Lumbar Protectors

A lumbar protector covers the base of the spine and can contribute to motorbike injury prevention. The are also beneficial to motorcyclists who suffer from LBP (Lower Back Pain) as they help to maintain good posture while on the saddle.

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Forcefield Lumbar Protector Pro L2FORCEFIELD Lumbar Protector Pro L2The Lumbar Protector Pro offers basic lower back and lumbar protection on a great scale!

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Top Selling Motocross Armour

Usually worn by off-roaders and motocross riders these full upper body support kits offer both chest and back protection as well as padding in other areas such as shoulders or arms. Essential protection for any sports rider.

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Acerbis Koerta Off Road Body ArmourACERBIS Koerta Off Road Body Armour Breathable full body armour vest from ACERBIS now with improved safety, offering greater comfort for the rider in every condition.

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Held Striker Body Protection JacketHELD Striker Body Jacket Breathable full motorcycle armour jacket from Held. Ideal added protection in all upper body areas.

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Fewer and fewer motorcycle apparel companies are including CE approved back armor as standard equipment in their armored jackets. Even premium suppliers usually include only a foam pad in the pocket out back. So what can you do if your jacket doesn’t have CE approved spine armor? You have some choices. You can settle for the compromised protection of the included foam pad, you can purchase the company’s optional CE armor that is specific to your jacket (and often ONLY your jacket), or you can get a stand alone back protector that can be worn with any jacket.